Fiber Optic

For providing services in the field of Telecommunication have skilled staff for fibre optic works with all necessary equipments required for performing the works.

We have manpower certified to work in Saudi Aramco & SEC (Saudi Electricity Company) to perform Fiber Optic Works Project at SGP & UGP as sub contractor for Saudi ARAMCO. work includes Installation, Splicing and testing of fibre Optic Cable with all tests.

We have projects as sub contract for splicing and testing of 12F , 24F & 36F fibre optic cable for  SEC in Eastern Region.

We are capable of performing all type of tests like pre Installation test, splice test, post installation test.

We also completed project at Wadi al Fara as sub contract for Installation of 3000M OPGW .

Including testing of Fibre optic cable, splilcing and all the tests.

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