Power Distribution

ASAMCO is providing services in the field of power distribution upto 35 KV and Transmission line from 69KV upto 380KV We are capable of performing all types of works regarding transmission line wroks like Tower Assembling, Foundation including Civil Works, assembling and erection of Lattice structure of towers. we worked and still working different projects of this type of works.

Recently we have completed our sub- contract for Saudi Aramco for this. the work consists of all above mentioned works. In Shedgum and Uthmaniya Gas plant we have completed the work for transmission line. we have completed this work right from building foundation to stringing. We have technically skilled staff to perform all works included in transmission line works. we have all the necessary equipments required used for this works especially recently we purchased new equipments and accessaries used in stringing of transmission line.

We have group of work force of linemen, Foremen, Engineer and supervisor having long Experience of all this type of works.

We have completed work at Wadi Al Fara for the same type of work for Saudi Electricity Company Sauthern Operating Area. this work includes assembling, erection of towers, stringing of counductors, installation of accessaries like insulators , hangers.

Currently we are working on a project Near Dammam for SEC - ERB of Stringing of Cunductors OPGW and OGW of 230 KV OHL at Daharan central sanaiyah and Abqaiq Central Sanaiyah.

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