A tight budget or fast-track schedule for your substation addition, update, modification, expansion or retrofit may be seen as a project constraint, but to ASAMCO itís a challenge and a challenge we can meet. The combination of our ability to offer all aspects of substation design services, skilled resources to get the job done, and a technical savvy allows us to design a solution that meets your needs.
ASAMCO offers a full array of services for new and improved substations. We provide support through innovative design solutions for optimization, equipment expansions, adding stability through leading-edge technology, and the development of maintenance programs. We also bring experience with gas-insulated substation technology and other creative designs to make the most of your limited space.

From many of our completed projects we have gained knowledge and expertise in substation design. We offer this experience to help utilities complete projects at voltages through 500kV for new substations or for extending the life of existing equipment.

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